About Us

Within the scope of our certification, we are able to service many shear brands. Our mission is to skillfully return our customers’ shears and thinners with an uncompromising cutting performance, including those creative “lefties”!

In-Salon Sharpening

“In-salon sharpening” is one of a number of services SharpShearsM.D has to offer. Call us or drop us an e-mail to request on-site shear servicing anywhere in the three Maritime provinces and we will be able to discuss your sharpening needs.

Mail-In Sharpening

We have a quick, efficient and cost effective way to access and service hairstylists and pet grooming professionals in the more rural areas of Atlantic Canada. Check out our commitment to you through our mail-in-service. If you are not 100% satisfied with our workmanship or customer service, your tool sharpening is on us!

Mark’s Attention to Detail

Having spent the last ten years in the army as an armoured reconnaissance soldier and a lifetime of working with delicate tools and machinery, I understand the importance of a good work ethic, workmanship, discipline and perhaps most importantly, attention to detail.

Deborah – Certified Master Stylist

My wife of ten years, Deborah has been a certified Master Stylist for over sixteen years. Having worked in salons in the Maritimes and Ontario, Deborah knows the importance of keeping you sharp, with your principal working tools. Thus allowing stylists to let their creativity flow with their shears as an extension of themselves.

As a team of stylist and sharpener, Deborah and I look forward to assisting you in any of your sharpening needs. At SharpShearsM.D there is never a dull moment!

Mark Wellings *certified owner/operator SharpShearsM.DMark Wellings SharpShearsMD

*Certified by FN Enterprises (specialized Salon Shear Sharpening Learning Center) from teaching techniques that can be traced to Mr. Jasen Pintel of Sun Gold Group Inc. Master sharpener and founder of the International Shear Sharpeners Guild and whose lineage can be traced directly to Konichi Shigeru Master Shear maker of Japan.