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Maritime Shear Sharpening

Maritime Shear Sharpening - FN Sharp

Mark Wellings at Sharp Shears MD is your go-to maritime shear sharpening expert. Along with scissor sharpening, Sharp Shears MD also sharpens clipper blades, clippers, knives and pinking, upholstery and fabric shears.

Sharp Shears MD regularly services shear brands such as KASHO, JAGUAR, JOEWELL, YASAKA, PANTHER, NOVA, KAMISORI, YASAKA, MATSUZAKI, HIKARI and more. Sharp Shears MD’s mission is to skillfully return our customer shears with an uncompromising cutting performance including those very creative “Lefties”!

The years have seen us evolve and part of that evolution was to develop a quick, efficient and cost effective way to access and service Hair Styling and Pet Grooming professionals, providing maritime shear sharpening in more rural areas of Atlantic Canada.

Sharp Shears MD is proud to offer a mail-in sharpening service for your convenience.

Our quick and convenient mail-in service will have your working tools returned to you within 24 hours of receipt.

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